7th micro & nano event

30th september – 1st october 2010



All the requested one-to-one meetings couldn’t be managed because companies weren’t available in the same time or were overbooked. Information was sent to the participants after the event in order to allow them to initiate complementary  exchanges.



2 collaborations are announced as fixed and 7 considered.

48 other contacts are planned in order to further discuss.


From 24th September to 1st October 2010stand EntERPRisE EURoPEnETwoRk booth on Micronora fair


It was the contact point for Enterprise Europe Network partners and their companies, for foreign companies to find information on the event, for local companies to find information on EU initiatives. The presentation of the brokerage event on the fair is a good way to promote a concrete action of the Network.
It was the occasion to promote the brokerage event to potential participants for next editions. Many companies came on the stand for a last debriefing on Friday in the afternoon, after the brokerage event.


29th of september 2010  
Enterprise Europe Ne twork’s Nano & Micro sector group meeting


The meeting was animated by Anastasia CONSTANTINOU, chairwoman of the group (Greece). A new chair was elected during this meeting: Rim STROEKS (Netherlands). Daniel Gassman from EACI, the Agency in charge of Enterprise Europe Network animation, attended the meeting and gave new ideas
to improve the impact of the actions.

Sylvain BALLANDRAS from FEMTO-ST presented the European project SAWHOT, financed by the European Commission. The project (www.sawhot-project.com) was chosen not only for its interest (industrial applications in several fields) but also because Enterprise Europe Network partners helped the consortium to integrate a Greek SME in this project.

After this meeting, the group and some Dutch companies visited Pôle des Microtechniques’ stand on the fair. Rim STROEKS brought with him 6 Dutch companies or organizations. A meeting was specifically organized between the Dutch Society
of Precision Engineering and the organizers of Micronora to study possible cooperation.