Micro Nano brokerage event at Micronora


Micro and Nanotechnologies offer a huge potential of development and are of first importance at the European level.

CCIR de Franche-Comté (ARIST) is involved as Enterprise Europe Network partner on several initiatives linked to Micro & Nanotechnologies and has organised since 1998 a brokerage event at each edition of the Micronora trade-fair in Besançon. The 10th edition is going to take place on 29th and 30th of September 2016 in Besançon.


This website aims at bringing information on  Micro & Nanotechnologies brokerage event and creating links with the participants of the previous editions.

CCI Franche-Comté (Anne-Marie VIEUX) is also member of the Micro & Nanotechnologies sector group (SG MNT).

Information on EU initiatives is accessible in the page "Micro & Nano Info".

On the page "News", you will find information on events organized by our partners or with the support of Enterprise Europe Network's Nano & Micro sector group.